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Feng Shui Home Main Entrance Tips

Feng Shui Home Main Entrance Tips

Feng Shui Home Main Entrance Tips

Positive Feng Shui at home involves main doors, bedroom doors or gates of the environment landscape.

Feng Shui Home Main Entrance Tips, is open the main air intake of wealth and fortune . Therefore feng shui setting at home is very important especially the main entrance door. When Wang first select gate door. Inside the residence outside the house and look at the pattern of the same argument. Since these will affect the housing decline prosperous.

Main Door Feng shui tips

(1) The main entrance to the straight – a straight punch is the door called “committing shot.” Ancient Yun “a straight a gun”.
Main guest physical health is not good, and luck volatile. Usually the T Junction position will often “commit light evil” and
Likely to have mass annihilation. Within the apartment Apartment with many units will be a straight corridor. Doors being rushed, committing the same evil spirits.

(2) Feng Shui Home main entrance door having a tree, lamppost, road signs and other main luck volatility and affect health.

(3) Home main entrance door feng shui should be moderate – size of the door to the house to fit the size ratio. Big house to use the door. As a big house with a small door, Choi is hard. Backdoor size smaller than the door to the best and easy enrichment.

(4) in front of a large hall – house door is best to have the majority of hall, such as gardens, parks, open space and so on.
Hall represents enrichment, wealth and career Lee Yun. Office building in the company, CEO, owner and manager of a large writing desk. Some former Vacancy as a hall, wealth and career in order to facilitate smooth Home Feng Shui Main Entrance.

(5) Housing front high rear low (high to low lying) – Master retreat gas, this house will be more live less, couple bad feelings.
As well easily separated, low achievement of their children than their parents.  Such houses are also common in Sydney, Australia, as in the North The Hills District, Pennant Hills, Baulkam Hills, Castle Hills, Epping, Eastern has Bellevue Hills, Vaucluse and so on. Summer Hill, Edgecliff and Rockdale there are some.

(6) Home Feng Shui on the pros and cons of the bow door way, inauspicious. As a “sickle evil”, or even bankruptcy and sickly. Down on the road surrounded by gates, enrichment, called “jade ring back.”

(7) cut feet of water – Residential door and the river, sea or lake too close, the main poor health, wealth difficult to gather. Easy financial wealth to go. Some building near the river in the Rhodes area. Also some seaside mansion in Rose Bay, Point Piper and Vaucluse,
Some of the old pier converted into a luxury house in Wooloomooloo, Pyrmont. Where nearby in the gambling and drinking surroundings across Hickson Road, The Rocks area and so on.

(8) Other doors on dead trees, rubble, Funeral, Cemetery, hospitals, police stations, abandoned old farm, gas stations, etc.

Households are made on health is not good, bad mood, wealth and influence of luck and some churches with Cemetery
Columbarium service, because chi heavy.

Another Feng Shui Home Main Entrance Tips or  feng shui home tips. If you live next door neighboor, to be especially careful health, prone to serious illness such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and other chronic diseases. May affect your feng shui fortunes and health. However find a feng shui consultant that may revert the causes, and feng shui tips to gain positive results to prevent damage by having a good feng shui setup.