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An old saying: “the first major mansion door” and “burglary door to see good and bad fortune to know eighty-nine.”

therefore feng shui home, retail or building entrance direction is to be determine the quality of this house. Finding the healthy & wealthy house without known feng shui can be hard but also could be lucky in buying a home that is considered lucky.

Feng Shui, each element has Wangshan busy shipped to the feng shui home (that is, Wang Ding Cai houses).
As per eight when Wang Ding Cai Yun’s position to not have to sit ugly (sit northeast to southwest).
Sit Sunda to dry (ride southeast to northwest) and much more.

During the eight position, that have discovered clients in Sydney between Wang Ding Cai house.
Up to now they are after the arrival, on health, popularity and wealth are satisfied. In the United States and
Wang Ding Cai in Canada found another house also satisfied customers.

Also Wang Ding Cai house is not only ideal living homes, investment properties are also important, residents live and work, the owners
Revenue is stable, prices will rise.

The door from the house, houses can be divided into four patterns: –

(1) Wang Ding Cai

(2) is not busy Ding Cai

(3) Not Cai Wang Ding

(4) loss of fiscal injury Ding

(a) Class – Wang Ding Cai is the most ideal residential houses.
Wang Ding Cai behalf of residents healthy and spawned prosperous, good karma and good fortune. Anyone uninhabitable.

(2) class – suitable for young or healthy people, hoping hard to make money.

(3) class – suitable stable income and retirement, old age or poor health of the person.

(4) class – not suitable for anyone, because of the health and wealth is not good.

Select option when busy house door is a basic rule, plus the outdoor environment (not to have ghosts) and interior layout.
Order to have a perfect home to live and work. Feng Shui Master Sydney Australia