Clients Testimonials

Feng shui for an upscale of Clienteles.

Schenker of Canada Limited (Vancouver, Canada)

Janl Development Ltd (Calgary, Canada)

OK Granite Ltd (Calgary, Canada)

Martin Jewellery (Calgary, Canada)

Lisa Jewellery (Calgary, Canada)

Royal Jewellery (Calgary, Canada)

Silver Treasures Jewellery (Calgary, Canada)

China Airline (Hawaii Airport)

Suishi Kai Japanese Restaurant (Calgary, Canada)

Institute of Buddhists Learning & Practice (Vancouver, Canada)

Korean Airline (Hawaii Airport)

Yandy Fashion (Hong Kong)

Marriott Hotel (Waikiki Beach, Hawaii)

Hawaii Global Holiday, Inc. (Hawaii)

Swiss European Spa (Calgary, Canada)

Tandem Global Logistics (HK) Ltd (Hong Kong)


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