Chinese horoscope 2017

Chinese Horoscope Ox 2017

2017  Year of Rooster Chinese Horoscope for the Ox
( Born in 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 )

Ox friend this year, is the three-year-old Tai Sui, good luck, Caiyuanguangjin. Jixing “Golden Chamber”, the main financial Paul to the door.



Wealth this year, particularly good. Can be used for investment, good returns.


Career changes. Pay attention to right and wrong, villain, and the more expensive. Three-year-old cattle, good popularity, there are elegant help.



This year is a three-year, good luck peach flowers, emotional life happy.



This year the vicious star “White Tiger” and “Xue Ren”, easy to recruit blood light surgery, cattle should be scaling or blood tests to resolve.
Be careful to drive and avoid long-distance driving. In the south of the house to place six coins to resolve the disaster. To avoid groundbreaking in the South.