Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese Horoscope for the Monkeys 2016

Chinese Horoscope for Monkeys 2016
Year of Monkey
( Born in 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 )

The Monkeys are said to be offending the presiding god ( 犯太歲) this year. They are likely to have bad temper, poor human relationship and pressure increases.

All aspects of this year’s wealth, career, love, health is poor. Avoid to have construction work or renovation in the Northeast grid of your house to avoid major sickness and disaster.

Wealth luck will decline and be careful in financial management in personal and business wealth. You will manage your business in a steady and conservative way to get progress. 

Career development will not flow smoothly with some hindrances and you should not make a significant investment. Beware of gossips and disputes. Put a pink object or carpet in the Northwest grid to curb the gossipy energy.

Social relationship is less smooth this year. The romantic relationship is easy to change due to arguments and emotional instability that could leading to an breakups and conflicts. If the joyous couples do not choose to get married, it is may encounter risk of separation. The couples should be more patient with each other to avoid quarrels. With the pink object mentioned above will help.

The offending of the presiding god is most vulnerable to the impact of wealth, the family home and health.  Pay more attention in driving to avoid car accidents.  Avoid to have high-risk sports such as scuba diving, mountain climbing etc.  Having a complete Feng Shui arrangement at home is a good solution.